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  • Take care of yourself with Chrystel

    To experience another healing path and give you the opportunity to take care of yourself, Chrystel offers to welcome you in a new space at 26, rue du Général de Gaulle in Ax les Thermes. Only by appointment.

    Evolutionary hypnosis practitioner graduated from IIHS (https://www.institut-iihs.com/he-client/)
    Reiki practitioner and trainer (Reiki Master Teacher Usui)
    Traditional Indian Ayurvedic therapeutic massage practitioner: Abhyanga and Shirodhara (trained and qualified by the creator of the Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Center in Tiruvannamalai in South India)
    FFHY certified Hatha Yoga teacher (postural practice, meditation, pranayama: individual and group lessons)

    Namely :
    The evolutionary hypnosis allows a work of widening of our field of consciousness to evolve, to know more, to understand how our mind works and thus allows to modify our behaviors in the face of challenges (problems) encountered in our life.It is a process that will determine the cause of the symptoms in order to reprogram new operating modes and become an actor of our changes.

    Evolutionary hypnosis solves many challenges:

    Lack of motivation, discouragement, abandonment ...
    Behavioral difficulties: bad habits, harmful behaviors towards oneself and others ...
    Emotional difficulties: fears, lack of confidence, anger, mental concerns…
    Difficulties of a relational nature: managing mourning, a sentimental break, forgiving, asserting oneself…
    Health difficulties: weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, healing support….
    During the session, you will dive quietly into a modified state of consciousness but you will remember your experience and you will be conscious during the whole process.
    Only by appointment. Allow about 2 hours for the first session and then about 1 hour for the following sessions.
    Prices: 1st session: € 60 - Next sessions: € 50

    Reiki is a natural method of healing by laying on of hands, which takes into account the whole person.

    This process makes it possible to capture, channel and retransmit the universal energy of life which surrounds us. This treatment makes it possible to treat the different physical, emotional and mental bodies of the person.

    Reiki is a great help and has many benefits:
    Increases vital energy of body and mind
    Facilitates stress and anger management
    Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
    Helps regain self-confidence and self-esteem
    Activates healing abilities
    Acts on physical disorders and helps eliminate toxins
    Promotes deep relaxation / relaxation
    A session lasts between 1h and 1h30.
    Price: 1 session: € 50.00.

    The Abhyanga massage is a detoxifying massage practiced with large quantities of oils with warm medicinal plants according to an Ayurvedic therapy protocol (use of organic and quality oils)
    It strengthens the body, the immune, circulatory and nervous systems.
    It nourishes and softens all tissues (bone, joint, muscle, etc.), it balances the mind and helps to manage stress and emotions.
    It promotes better sleep, harmonizes, revitalizes and diffuses life energy (Prana) throughout the body.
    The full body massage lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and its price is € 70.00.
    Possibility to experience head, face and upper body massage: 45 mins: € 45.00.

    Shirodhara: Modeling of the forehead (shiro) by the regular flow of a drizzle of warm oil. Very subtle practice, excellent for peace of mind, quality of sleep. Deeply relaxes the entire nervous system and releases tension. Very effective in fighting mental exhaustion, insomnia, stress and anxiety. Stimulates the elimination of toxins. Regularizes the hormonal system. This process is preceded by a head, face and upper body massage.
    Duration: 1h30: 70 €
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  • From March 5, 2020 until March 5, 2021
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    Connaissances compétences et bienveillance des caractéristiques qui correspondent à Chrystel.... sans compter toutes les autres . Donc laissez vous tenter