Climb towards the Port de Pailhères (from Mijanès)

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10.7 km
Touring cyclist
1h 15min
pailheres_cyclisme_vallees_ax.jpgCP. Alain Baschenis
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  • The Port de Pailhères has become in just a few years an unmissable climb for every cycling and mountain lover. It was only in 2003 that the Tour de France first used this ascent, and it was always climbed by the professional riders through Mijanès. Indeed, the climb has everything : altitude, steep slopes, beautiful landscapes and fantastic point of view. This will leave an unforgettable memory to anyone who is brave enough to climb it !

    The Port de Pailhères through Mijanès is certainly one of the most prestigous climb of Ariège, and even of the Pyrenees. The top is at 2001m of altitude, and the ascent can be divide in 2 parts : the first part has a road which is quite large until the station of Mijanès, where snow lovers will be delighted to ski in a family atmosphere and in surroundings that looks like Québec ! The second part of the climb is ridden on a much more narrow road, which has some hairpins when the top is on sight. Theses 2 parts have a similarity : the slope is tough on both parts as it stays almost all the time between 7,5% and 10% !

    This profile was first used by the Tour de France in 2003 for the centenary of the race. Since, the Port de Pailhères was climbed 4 times, and in 2013 it even had the honour of being the higgest point of the 100th Tour de France ! In just a few years, this climb has become prestigious for cycling lovers, many of them don't hesitate to venture themselves on the Port de Pailhères as soon as the snow is cleared out of the road in May.
  • Difference in height
    900.18 m
  • Documentation
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Points of interest
1 KM 0 : Foot of the climb
The foot of the climb will give you quickly an idea of what the ascent is like. After few meters at 4%, the slope goes up quickly between 8% and 10% on 3 kilometers (1,8 mi).
2 KM 3,5 (2,1 mi) : Mijanès Ski Resort
After a tough beggining, the slope won't get easier when the Mijanes ski resort is on sight. It remains between 8% and 10% on 2km (1,2 mi). However, the width of the road gets narrower and the forest disapears completely.
3 KM 5,5 (3,4 mi) : 1 kilometer easier
Après 2 km exigeant entre 7,5% et 9,5%, la pente "s'adoucit" pour 1km autour des 6%.

After 2 demanding kilometers between 7,5% and 9,5%, the slope (around 6%) gets easier for 1 kilometer.
4 KM 6,5 (4 mi) : Hairpins
From there, the road has more and more hairpins, and the slope gets harder. On 3km (1,8 mi), the road won't go under the 8,5%. It is here that the slope is the most difficult, with some parts at 12%.
5 KM 9,5 (5,9 mi) : Last kilometer
At the end of the hairpins, the last kilometer is welcomed as it the easiest of the climb, with an average slope of 5,8%.
6 Port de Pailhères
The top of the Port de Pailhères is known for its open landscapes, which allows you to enjoy a beautiful point of view on the Pic du Tarbésou. You can reach this peak by taking the hinking trail that starts at the top of the climb.
900 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 1142 m
  • End altitude : 1998 m
  • Maximum altitude : 1998 m
  • Minimum altitude : 1141 m
  • Total positive elevation : 900 m
  • Total negative elevation : -44 m
  • Max positive elevation : 140 m
  • Min positive elevation : -12 m
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